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Floor Plans - Porsche Design Tower Miami

One of the most prestigious brands in the worlds are set to mark their first project on the U.S. territory. Porsche proudly announce the opening of the most original and unique condominium on the Sunny Isles Beach, the Porsche Design Tower.

The Porsche condominium offers the best of luxury and it is a heaven for the car lovers. Porsche Tower residences have sky garages, a new and original concept that brings the car in front of your eyes.

The floor plans of the building are sure to impress every single one of you, with the elegance, originality, refinement and class. With a brand like Porsche involved in the creation of the condominium, you can tell that what you get is close to perfection.

The developers of Porsche Design Tower Condominium are Dezer Development and The Related Group, the two leading developers, known for their impeccable and innovative style and their great successes.

  • The Brand: The condominium will mark the first U.S. project by Porsche. Talk about exclusive.
  • The Developers: Dezer Development + The Related Group.
  • The Location: On the sand, in the beaches hottest neighborhood: Sunny Isles Beach. The Brand Corridor of Miami’s Real Estate.
  • The Prices: Best price per square foot of any ocean front, pre-construction, residential luxury development in any of Miami’s beaches. Period.
Model SqFt/m2 Floor Plans
P’0880 (lower) 9,474 (880.1) view/download pdf
P’0880 (upper) 9,474 (880.1) view/download pdf
P’0441 4,749 (441.1) view/download pdf
P’0550 5,913 (549.3) view/download pdf
P’0481 5,185 (481.7) view/download pdf
P’0395 4,252 (395) view/download pdf

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